How to turn non-measurable learning objectives into measurable

measurable LO's v.2

Start transforming your mediocre learning objectives into measurable and lay the ground for effect measurement.

By determining ROI of training and development and getting data-driven insights for improvement areas is the start of making the L&D function perceived as valuable. One of the first steps is to use Bloom's taxonomies to measure training effectiveness. Here's some concrete examples of how to start doing that:

How will the guide help you:

  • List examples of badly defined learning objectives.
  • List examples of measurable learning objectives.
  • Provide reasoning behind why one is bad and the other good

“Start to measure learning objective before you introduce a training program into your organization. You need to measure a program’s effectiveness to know not only that learners are accessing learning in the most effective way, but that it is directly impacting the way learners do their jobs.”


Filip Kolovic Artico


“ If you have a basic-intermediate level regarding mesuaring learning objectives and how to apply it to your training and development evaluation. This is your guide."

Morgan Desmer Rokil