The form for an easy Training Effectiveness Evaluation

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Are you looking for a quick and easy way to evaluate effectiveness of your training?

If you are looking for an easy way to see ROI of your training and development programmes this is your form. However, to truly look at the effectiveness of your programmes you need to measure the unique learning objectives that will develop the behaviors that in turn, will drive the business results. That’s done by Kodo Survey.

 How will the form help you:

  • Evaluate Kirkpatrick L1 with questions for a post-test
  • Evaluate perceived on-the-job application
  • Identify inhibitors and facilitators of learning transfer
  • Identify improvement areas of your courses and programmes

" You need to evaluate a program’s effectiveness to know not only that learners are accessing learning in the most effective way, but that it is directly impacting the way learners do their jobs.

Robert Miles Iscore


“ If you have a basic-intermediate level regarding evaluate training effectiveness,  this is the tool to start with."

Samantha Rioli Lekia, inc.

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