How to Maximize Business Impact from Training & Development

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Get tools and methods for connecting training objectives to business targets and securing the effectiveness of your training. 

Statistically, 50% of all Training and Development budgets are wasted, and the learnings never used. This Free ebook will teach you how to build a Training and Development program with real business impact and measurable ROI.

What you will learn:

  • Breaking business results into learning objectives.
  • KAIB™ model for developing behaviour.
  • Creating measurable learning objectives.
  • The three main drivers of learning transfer.

"No online training course is effective unless it brings a significant ROI. Kodo Survey exceptional eBook presents surefire ways to measure and maximize ROI. It also showcases how Performance Support Tools enable online learners to apply what they learnt."

Gustav Olafson Relvek


“ If you have a basic-intermediate level regarding evaluate ROI and how to apply it to your training and development programs. This is your book."

Rachel Decker Mindoil, inc.