A 3-step guide for your managers to ensure transfer of learning to the job.

Managers role v.2

Inspire your manager to engage in dialogues with their team members, before and after a training.

There's no question about the value of learning transfer and that one of the most important things to drive learning transfer is to ensure that there is a meaningful dialogue between the learner and manager.

This is a one-page guide will inspire your managers to:

  • Enter into development dialogues before and after training.
  • Identify learning goals and inspire and engage to development.
  • Be present and act as a role model
  • Prioritise development and invest their time in it

" This 3-step guide provides a thought-provoking, comprehensive, and practical guide for ensuring the transfer of learning. I highly recommend it for business and HR leaders alike.”

Gerard Merk Hilouk

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“ An outstanding and comprehensive field guide for anyone who really cares about ensuring transfer talent in his or her organization.  A pragmatic and compelling eBook.”

Jennifer Zilberstein Framewood