2020 Learning Impact Benchmark Report

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Read the results and get insights from our 2020 Learning Impact Benchmark Report

This year (2020) over 100 companies participated. This compendium provides the insights from the survey, among others: 

  • what metrics are used by those continuously improving their projects and programmes based on data-driven insights
  • your peers main challenges to measure serious learning metrics and how to think to solve them
  • what the experts among your peers are doing differently from those that don't know how to start measuring learning impact
  • and more...

Download the report to get smarter about what you can do with your challenges and start getting real time data for maximizing training effectiveness, learning impact and ROI.

“If you want to start to measure learning impact this report will give you answers to some of the challenges you will face“

Filip Kolovic Artico


“If you want to know what metrics the experts are looking at and how it helps them improve their courses and programs, this is the right whitepaper to read through."

Morgan Desmer Rokil